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Hey Style Chasers!

So if you’re like me and live in both the Midwest and Northeast, you too know how cold it is outside! I have a love hate relationship with the cold weather; however, I try to conquer it in style! When it comes to dressing for the cold, you don’t have to look frumpy. Even though layers are crucial to staying warm; the way you layer each piece it was truly makes the difference.

In this look I focused on a simple color palette and tried to choose pieces that complimented one another. People like to say I only enjoy wearing black. Though somewhat true, I also admire exploring shades of grey. Through my contribution of mixing both black and grey I’d like to think I broke up my typical black uniform!

This Look: Levi Black Jeans / 21 Men Grey Overcoat / Polo Black Boots / Goorin Bros. Grey Hat  / Ralph Lauren Leather Gloves / H&M Black  Shirt  / Tented Sunglasses

Through using my Levi black Jeans, H&M Black shirt, and black Polo boots as my base ensemble, I was able to layer my grey pieces to add character. First, I put on my long grey overcoat from 21 men. You’ll never guess how much I was able to buy this coat for… $50.00! I still can’t believe it. I’m a huge advocate of not breaking the bank when it comes to putting together an outfit. Through being a college student myself, bargains and sales are the only way I can personally afford nice things. However, with that said, always keep in mind to never sacrifice quality for price. It doesn’t matter how cheap you find something. If the quality isn’t there, it’s not worth it. Nonetheless, moving back to the overcoat, the quality is amazing. It has over five pockets and instantly keeps me warm. Now, my favorite part of the coat would have to be the length. In the past I typically wore coats that stopped a little past the waist. But I have to say, there is something mentally that changes when you were a long overcoat. You stand taller and feel as if you can conquer any harsh weather. This change in attitude converted me to a die-hard overcoat lover forever!

Seeing how length is a new aspiration of mine, the next piece I added was my Wool and the Gang Scarf. This scarf is long and I love it! It was hand knitted for me as a Christmas gift from a friend and I never take it off. Even though I’m not a knitter, the place where she purchased the yarn from (Wool and the Gang) also allows you the option to purchase premade scarfs they make in their shop for you. So there is hope for us people who enjoy the luxuries of hand crafted pieces and lack the skills to actually make them ourselves!

Topping off my outfit with my grey Goorin Bros. hat, black leather Ralph Lauren gloves, and $1 glasses (I told you I’m a bargain hunter) from a small boutique in Chelsea, NY my look was complete!

Tell me how you conquer the dreadfully cold winters in style! I’d love to hear from you guys.

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